SwitchDeath / Deathmatch [Jaguar – Cancelled?]

SwitchDeath / Deathmatch [Jaguar – Cancelled?]

Switch Death AKA Deathmatch is a 2D sidescrolling platform / action game that was in development for the Jaguar, but we cannot find any info on its release, so we assume that the project was cancelled before being finished. From the screenshot (found by Celine in CD Consoles issue #8) and videos preserved in the gallery below  it seems that in SwitchDeath players were going to take the role of some sort of bug with a gun. Could this game have been released under a different name? If you recognize the character, please let us know!

Abbibi recognized the game, that was also known as “Death Watch”, and linked us to a video of it that you can watch below. Anthony found a better version of the same video, from E3 1995.



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4 thoughts on “SwitchDeath / Deathmatch [Jaguar – Cancelled?]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Back in July 2003 a poster over on Atari Age Forum (Panamajoe), mailed Stewart Green of Data Design to ask what ever became of the game, Stewart replied that Atari stopped development before game was finished as they wanted to focus on 3D Enviroments as whilst 2D backdrops looked fantastic, they did’nt appeal to the marketing department.

    Sadly they’d lost all source code etc as this was stored on Jaguar Development systems, which had been lost.

    So not the best of news, but at least we have closure on this one as to why it was canned and there looks to be little/no chance of source code turning up.

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