[Project] The Advent Rising restoration

[Project] The Advent Rising restoration

As we read in the Advent Rising beta article, there were a lot of stuff planned for the game that never made it into the final, especially in the PC version. Advent Revising is a fan-made patch  that aims to restore the cinematics of Advent Rising to their intended quality. This English patch adds back thirteen movie files cut from the PC version of the game, corrects cases of desync and playback errors present in cutscenes, corrects and retimes all of the game’s subtitles, enables full 4:3 display with Vsync and trilinear filtering, and adds additional functionality to the player such as teleportation and level skip.

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3 thoughts on “[Project] The Advent Rising restoration

  1. Anon

    Dude, YES! This thing needs word spread out for it. Beyond epic. I don’t know a single person who played the PC version that did not love it.

  2. Me

    This is a GREAT game… But goddamn critics ruined it. Gripping storyline (who doesn’t like it when humans are special) with surprising plot twists, fun powers, “I am awesome” effect on you… DON’T listen to the critics, try it. Oh, and don’t skip credits when they roll, you’ll see why (spoiler: video + boss fight).

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