Sato City [Playstation, PC – Cancelled?]

Sato City [Playstation, PC – Cancelled?]

Sato City is a cancelled action game that was in development for the original PSX and PC, it would have been published by Merit Studios. The game was set in a post-apocalyptic world, generated with pre-rendered backgrounds (ala Resident Evil). Sadly we dont have any more info about this project, but Merit Studios never published any game for the Playstation. Could Sato City have been released on the PC with a different name?

Thanks to Celine and Isatis Angel for the contribution! (Scans from PlayMag issue #4 and CD Consoles #18 of June 1996)


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5 thoughts on “Sato City [Playstation, PC – Cancelled?]

  1. derboo

    This was also announced for PC. There’s a news post in German mag PC Spiel 6/96 with the same image, describing a somewhat Blade Runner-esque scenario.

  2. dadrester

    Merit Studios later became Eutechnyx. On their website they mention that they are in the early stages of development on a game called sato city.

    “We’re in the early development phase of an all-new IP called Sato City, in which we plan to use this new technology to create what is hopefully an exceptionally engaging character-oriented development system. “

    1. monokoma Post author

      Interesting info, thanks a lot Dadrester! Maybe they are working again on this after so many years… i could try to send them an email and ask about it :P

  3. Kurasiu

    The game was also mentioned in the July 1997 issue of UK PC Format. It was supposed to be released “at the end of the year” and the short note mentions Eutechnyx breaking away from the publisher Merit. Sadly there’s nothing much more, apart from a short description and one additional screenshot

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