Jack Nicklaus Cyber Golf [Jaguar CD – Cancelled]

Jack Nicklaus Cyber Golf [Jaguar CD – Cancelled]

Jack Nicklaus Cyber Golf (aka Jack Nicklaus Power Challenge Golf) is a cancelled sport game that was in development for the Jaguar CD by Atari and Hand Made Software in 1994. It seems that the game was canned in early stage, as no version more complete than what is seen in the video below (from viMasterJag channel) have been found, which is no more than a demo lacking animations, voice and gameplay.

As we can read at Cyberroach:

Jack Nicklaus Cyber Golf, a CD title, is a photo-realistic golf game for the Jaguar that utilizes over 9,000 images of Murfield Village Golf Course. This course is the first that Jack Nicklaus created and is the site of the annual Memorial Tournament. Well-known sports presenter David Livingston acts as a virtual commentator to teach the first-time player how to play the game or provide comments and suggestions for the more experienced players. Up to a foursome can play Jack Nicklaus Cyber Golf, and the CD is expected to ship late this spring.

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8 thoughts on “Jack Nicklaus Cyber Golf [Jaguar CD – Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Forwarded over tester Scott Hunters report from 1/16/95 flags up issues found so far, should indicate how far along game got.

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Jon Correll, VP of Software Development, advised this shouldn’t be completed,instead Atari do a new game based on the name or a title like Links or their own original Golf title.

  3. Ross Sillifant

    Quote from HMS during development:

    We’re writing Jack Nicklaus Golf for the
    Jaguar CD. You don’t want to know how many man-months of art time is
    going to be needed to check out all of the many, many pictures. Images
    filling a 600Mb disk with 100k PCX files and going through each one..

  4. Ross Sillifant

    Fresh information regarding the state of HMS at time this was being developed has come forward, but requires further investigation.

    The information presented so far by the likes of Jim Gregory may well not be the full story.

    I will update Luca and he can decide if this entry needs updating as a result.

  5. Ross Sillifant

    With no less than 3 seperate sources now, coming forward with fresh insights into Handmade Software and how things were run within the company..I cannot in good faith, promote a single persons view of events.

    So the online interview with Jim Gregory featured on Scott Stilphen’s website (which is where my quotes come from ) will be pulled.

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