The lost Sentient 2 project

The lost Sentient 2 project

Sentient is a first-person adventure developed by Psygnosis and released on the original Playstation and PC in 1997. The game was rather obscure when it came out, but it was loved by those few ones that somehow were able to play it. Thanks to an interview from The Gaming Liberty, we found out that a concept for “Sentient 2” was in early stages of development, but it was soon canned because the former lead programmer was busy with another project and the low sales of the first chapter were not a good sign. As we can read:

Colin Burges, who took part in the interview above, told me about what was being considered as the storyline. Colin tells me that they had a competition in the studio to come up with the best idea for a storyline for Sentient 2. Colin tells me “there were a couple of meetings to discuss what new gameplay might be involved with the story, so I think all we had in the end was the early story document. I can’t remember exactly why we didn’t go any further but I think it might have been because the lead programmer on Sentient was starting work on Lander and they weren’t sure it was a good idea to do it without him on the project. Also the lowish sales on Sentient might have stopped it going much further anyway.

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