Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep [PSP – Beta / Unused]

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep [PSP – Beta / Unused]

As we can read on Wikipedia, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is an action RPG developed and published by Square Enix for the PSP. The game was released in Japan on January 2010 and it is planned to be released in North America and in Europe on September 2010. Development of the game began in June 2005 and was originally intended for the PlayStation 2 with Sora as the prototype protagonist of the game.

Birth by Sleep was developed by Square Enix’s fifth Product Development Division, based in Osaka, the same team behind Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, and uses the same graphical engine as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

The plot was completed for the PS2, but development was halted six months after it began due to development of Re: Chain of Memories. The development team changed the platform to the PlayStation Portable so as to make use of the PSP’s functions such as co-operative and competitive multiplayer gameplay.

In August 2009, new Famitsu scans revealed a revamped User Interface (having been revamped twice before) as well as new worlds after a lack of news for close to a year.

As posted by Granville in our U64 Forum, hidden in the final game’s code there is a very cool secret world that was cut, but that you can still access via hacking! It’s a world based off the classic movie The Jungle Book.

The first area is in the Monkey Temple of the orangutan Louie. The other areas are your basic jungle type areas, although they are all clearly incomplete and lack a lot of their texture work. I’d say the Temple is the only complete area. The only way to access these areas is via hacks, they were never used in the main game and no images were shown in prerelease photos. It’s a pretty interesting find actually. A hack hasn’t been released yet, but i imagine it will soon.

On Youtube we can also see a video of Keytotruth, who managed to hack his/her way into the data and play around in it.

Thanks to Granville for the contribution!



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8 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep [PSP – Beta / Unused]

  1. Coalar

    Really now, what’s so bad about the jungle book that it keeps getting scrapped in the end? Would have been a lot more fun than that crappy Tarzan level…

  2. Granville

    It’s not that the Tarzan world inherently sucked, but the gameplay in KH1 sucked. I happen to really love KH1, but the platforming was absolutely awful thanks to crappy control and a horrible camera that was zoomed in way too close and never followed you correctly.

    Had KH1 had a more competent gameplay and camera engine as seen in KH2, 358/2 Days, or even BBS, we would have had much better platforming there.

  3. Austin Stover

    Omg i think they should make a kingdom hearts 3 for ps2 or ps3 :D i loveee bbs and i loved how they put the new levels in but i think they should make a new one where You can actually FLY in Neverland not just glide. that pissed me off in bbs, also they should put jungle book in, the princess worlds, and like Anastasia. i think that would be Pretty funn :D and any other disney movie that had a 2nd movie. like Mulan 2 or somthing :D

  4. monokiba:D

    Also with the Beta things you said, Monokoma, I looked in the game’s files…and like in KH2 final mix (the Unused Woody and Buzz Models).. I saw the KH3D Dream Drop Distance Models! Sora from KH 1, Riku from KH 1, 2 Kingdom Hearts 3D demo logos (Before it was called Dream Drop Distance)

  5. ShadowWolf

    @Austin Stover

    If you’re talking about the 1997 film “Anastasia,” it isn’t Disney so they won’t include it in a Kingdom Hearts game. Although I agree about making the other Princess worlds, and sequel worlds, I just hope they are done well.

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