A new NSMB DS Beta Remake in the works

A new NSMB DS Beta Remake in the works

Hiccup and mariofanatic64 have been working on a Beta Replica / Remake of New Super Mario Bros DS.

Features to be implemented:

  • The beta desert levels from e3 (see videos below)
  • Other beta levels based around screenshots and trailers (underground, undewater, tech demo levels, mushroom)
  • Beta Castle and Desert Graphics
  • Beta sfx and music

Already done:

  • 1-1, 1-2, 1-5 and 1-Castle are done, but 1-3 is currently incompleteable.
  • 1-1 is the E3 05 level.
  • 1-2 is the underground level. (unfinished)
  • 1-3 will become the mushroom level.
  • 1-5 is the rope level.
  • 1-Castle is the E3 05 castle.
  • Beta ? block graphics – not animated yet.
  • you will have to take the secret exit out of 1-2 to advance

You can find more info about this project and download the patch in the Rusted Logic Forum and at the official NSMB Beta Replicawebsite!

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2 thoughts on “A new NSMB DS Beta Remake in the works

  1. Mariofanatic64

    hey it’s me. i’ve got some updates on the hack:

    1-2 is finished
    1-3 is finished
    2-1 and 2-2 are the e3 05 desert levels, but because the game crashes at the 1-Castle boss, you can’t get to it yet.

  2. BlackYoshi485

    Hi!Im blackyoshi485 from nsmbhd
    the beta has 3d koopas, and the 3d koopa is already on the final rom, the shell is used in the actual title, hehe, following luigi.
    replace the buzy beetles with th 3d koopa.
    and a not seen 3D Shitch.
    there are three sm64ds switches.
    replace flying block with a sm64ds block.

    good luck!


    the site is FROZEN.

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