Perfect Dark Beta Analysis: the removed Face Mapping

Perfect Dark Beta Analysis: the removed Face Mapping

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As many of you may already know, RARE planned to insert an interesting feature into Perfect Dark: thanks to the Gameboy Camera, you would have been able to photograph your face and your friend’s faces to use them as the face of PD characters in the single player campaign (as enemies) or in the multiplayer mode.

Unfortunately, due to the numerous acts of gun-shooting in American schools, RARE decided to remove this option from the game, to don’t create controversy. A game in which you could have been able to kill a character that had the face of your real friend, would probably have been too much for its time. Here are some screenshots of the removed Face-Mapping mode, perfectly working in the beta version.

Beta Face Mapping


Using the N64 Transfer Pack with the Gameboy Camera attached onto the back of the N64 controller, this message would have appeared on the screen.


This was the message that appeared when the GB Camera was saving the face / head data in the Perfect Dark cartridge.


This message was used when the game was downloading the photo from the GB Camera via the transfer pack.


Above, a photo of an N64 controller with the Transfer Pack & the GameBoy Camera attached to its back.


Here we see the “Perfect Head” options menu for the face mapping system, where it was possible to take a picture using the GB Camera, upload pictures already on the Camera and arrange the images into the game.


Choosing one of the available heads to use it in Perfect Dark’s multiplayer.


Here’s one of the finished faces, ready to be selected and placed on to a Multiplayer character.


This is the menu from which to take a photo from the GB Camera. The image  could have been cut and the brightness adjusted.


Once the face was cut and pasted, it was possible to fix the 3D head proportions.


This is the result, a face of an actual person implemented in Perfect Dark’s multiplayer mode (even if the proportion is a bit odd).


Another image of the menu in which to take a new photo from the N64.


In this menu you were able to choose if to use a picture previously taken and saved in the memory of the GB Camera or to take a new photo of the player through a “live feed” of the GB Camera attached to the N64 transfer pack.


Another image that shows one of the custom heads being used in Multiplayer: this one has the face of Ken Lobb, at the time still working for Nintendo / Rare. The Face Mapping results were really good.

perfec62.jpg perfec61.jpg

Once you got the head the way you wanted it, you were able to add it to the game. In this image we can see the GB Camera face and its 3D version, a great result. Later you were able to place that head on a 3D body, chosing from the one already in the game.



Again, we in these images we can see the brightness and cropping options.

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2 thoughts on “Perfect Dark Beta Analysis: the removed Face Mapping

  1. Ryan K.

    I remember the PR line was that they couldn’t get it to work right…sure. But from these shots the feature wasn’t really all that hot, even though it looks like they put a lot of work into it.

  2. Edward

    Those pictures are from N64 Magazine UK, circa ’99! I remember reading that very issue!

    The feature (like online multiplayer) was probably well ahead of its time though.

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