Psy-Phi [Arcade – Unreleased]

Psy-Phi [Arcade – Unreleased]

Psy-Phi is an unreleased arcade action-shooting game based on Sega’s Lindbergh hardware, that was designed by Yu Suzuki and incorporated a 29″ touch-screen display for gameplay. In Psy-Phi players hovered in the air and competed against the CPU or another human with attacks by trailing a path or inputting special symbols on the touch screen.

The original release was planned for spring 2006, but the arcade units were called back in March 06 (the units were still in shipping and had yet to reach arcades) and so Psy-Phi vanished forever.  Some units were previewed at trade shows, as well as some arcades receiving units for beta tests (most notably Gameworks). It’s currently unknown why Sega decided to not release this project. [Info from Wikipedia]

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