Joe [PSP/N-gage – Cancelled]

Joe [PSP/N-gage – Cancelled]

Joe is a cancelled action game that was in development by HumanSoft in 2003, for the N-Gage and PSP. Originally the studio produced a Renderware tech demo to pitch Joe for the N-Gage, but a PSP version was also planned. The 2 screens preserved in the gallery below are probably target renders for the N-Gage version and it’s unknown how much the game was progressed before being abandoned. Probably HumanSoft never found a publisher interested in their project and Joe had to be canned.

As we can read from the original press-release on IGN:

Joe is a “commando-type action-platform game”, Joe will boast four single-player missions with up to eight different levels per stage. Throughout the course of his adventure, Joe will make use of his hand-to-hand combat skills as he battles it out against a group of terrorists who have overtaken military bases, invaded important office buildings, and hijacked various trains, boats, and airplanes.


Additional details are still forthcoming, though it has been confirmed that Joe will utilize the PSP’s linking feature and support up to four players at the same time. A publisher has yet to be named.

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4 thoughts on “Joe [PSP/N-gage – Cancelled]

  1. Celine

    Speaking of N-Gage, Nokia showed Virtually Snowboarding II at the London press event where the platform was detailed.
    I still remember some screenshots about it in an italian magazine.

    Virtually Snowboarding II
    Rip up the hill all year round with Virtually Board Snowboarding II on the
    Nokia N-Gage game deck. Choose from three game modes, Big Air, Half Pipe and
    Snowboard Cross to become the king of the hill!

    here are the screens :;thumb;2

  2. ForWhomTheBellTolls

    Just to be with the subject on the N-Gage (this being the only title on the page) I remember reading about a Leisure Suit Larry title that was planned for the N-Gage. It was said to be the first game to use cell-shading as an art style on the N-Gage, or something like that (my memory of the game is quite vague). Anyway, thought I should at least bring it up.

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