NARC [XBOX / PS2 – Beta]

NARC [XBOX / PS2 – Beta]

NARC is an action game that was developed and published by Midway in 2005, for the Xbox and Playstation 2. A planned Nintendo GameCube version was later cancelled. The game’s source code (engine) dates back to the three-year-old State of Emergency but it was updated through the development. [Info from Wikipedia]

Vicente has noticed that in the early screenshots there are various beta differences:

  • The main character models (Marcus and Jack) were changed in the final game
  • The HUD was different
  • Marcus was known as “Hitman” in the beta
  • In a video there’s a chinese talking about the mission, not seen in the final game

Beta Version:


Final Version:


Beta Version:


Final Version:



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One thought on “NARC [XBOX / PS2 – Beta]

  1. Vicente

    Oh I forgot the chinese talking about the mission, appears the cell phone but instead of an image in the final version, its a facial animation.

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