Backstage [PS2/GC/PC – Cancelled]

Backstage [PS2/GC/PC – Cancelled]

Backstage is a cancelled arcade racing game somehow similar to Crazy Taxy, that was in development in 2003 by Carapace and it would have been published by Wanadoo. The player would have start the game as a young and surf wear clothed bike messenger (with a scooter) named Zack. The action took place in a Los Angeles like city (its Studios, different districts and suburbs).

Zack is a kind of jack-of-all-trades, he had to accomplish such different jobs as deliveries, taxi, collections, races, track-races, and shooting (with a camera). Doing this, Zack would have meet important people of this universe who could have give him access to filming: his secret dream.

For unknwon reasons the project was never released and a couple of years later Carapace closed down.

Thanks a lot to Kyle for the contribution!


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