Unreleased english translation of Aigina’s Prophecy (NES) has been found!

Unreleased english translation of Aigina’s Prophecy (NES) has been found!

Originally released in Japan as Aigiina no Yogen: Balubalouk no Densetsu Yori for the Famicom, Aigina’s Prophecy is a platform with RPG elements that was supposed to be published for the NES in USA in 1988 by Vic Tokai.  As we can read on Strategy Wiki:

The goal of the game is to kill enough enemies to make progress through six dungeons, each of which contains a hidden portion of the Aura Star which has been broken into five pieces. The final dungeon contains the kidnapped princess who knows how to restore the Aura Star, which will allow you to complete the game. While most exits from a room become visible when enough enemies are defeated, the entrances to the rooms which contain pieces of the star are hidden from sight until the player jumps three times in the correct place to make the entrance appear.

Some days ago Tootai was able to buy the USA prototype, that was found by an user of the RacketBoy Forum, and he confirms that Aigina’s Prophecy seems fully translated in english, but somehow it was never officially released. The previous owner has put a video of the game in his Youtube Channel, so we can have a look at it

Thanks to Tootai for the contribution!

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