ODT 2 [Playstation – Cancelled Concept]

ODT 2 [Playstation – Cancelled Concept]

O.D.T. (Escape … Or Die Trying) is a 3D action game with some RPG elements, created by Psygnosis for PlayStation and PC in 1998. A sequel (ODT 2) was started but soon cancelled for unknown reasons and only some concept art remains to remember this lost project.


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2 thoughts on “ODT 2 [Playstation – Cancelled Concept]

  1. Toholl

    Je préférais largement les personnages et armes du 1, il n’y a pas à tortiller. Même pour ce qui est de l’inspiration en elle-même, le 1 me semblait mieux et moins exagéré. Mais la rien qu’en voyant les personnages, les tenues etc, je suis sûr que O.D.T 2 m’aurait déplu.
    Dommage, car j’aurai beaucoup aimé voir une suite à des jeux comme celui-ci, qui sont injustement tombés dans l’oubli, et ce, relativement vite.

    I greatly preferred the characters and weapons of 1, there is no shit. Even for the inspiration itself, the 1 seemed better and less exaggerated. But just seeing the characters, outfits, etc., I’m sure O.D.T 2 would have displeased me.
    Too bad, because I would have liked to see a sequel to games like this, fallen unjustly into oblivion and quickly enough.

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