Unused SaGa Frontier text now translated!

Unused SaGa Frontier text now translated!

Do you remember the unused japanese text that Robert Seddon found in the American version of  SaGa Frontier (along with other interesting stuff)?  Well, now thanks to another great translation from GlitterBerri, we are able to understand what it all means! Also, we are able to wonder where it could have been used originally. You can read the full text translation (by GlitterBerri) with comments (by Robert Seddon) in here:

Lost Text of SaGa Frontier @ The Face of the Moon

Lost Text of SaGa Frontier @ BerriBlue

Here are some of the most interesting parts:

[… ] The blood of mystics is different from your human blood.
It is not mere substance.
You are inheriting Orlouge’s spirit power.
He killed a woman, you see.
Knocked off a regular human girl.
He didn’t intend for that to happen.
He didn’t want that at all.
So he used his own power to prevent it.[…]

One of the lost scenes from Asellus’s quest: not much new information (why would it bother Orlouge, not the most pleasant of souls, that he unintentionally killed a human?), but her being told to accept her fate like this would have added a little more depth to her predicament.

[…] Be safe, White Rose….
Please protect Lady Asellus.

Thank you, Princess Kurenai.

Another scene cut from Asellus’s quest, showing why Kurenai was included in the game; in the final version she’s still present in Rootville, but after greeting Asellus she serves no function in the plot at all. This escape scene apparently follows the unused scene in Asellus’s bedroom (0x1A9 below) and leads to arrival in Mosperiburg (0x1F3 below).

[…] Furdo1 has come.
What do you think of my true collection?

Perhaps ‘Furdo1’ is another placeholder for the developers.

So: Furdo would have had a larger role in the game, Nashiira and the Bio Research Lab would have had more of a purpose, and not only Zozma but also Ciato and Rastaban would have had more developed roles in Asellus’s quest.

Huge props to Robert and GlitterBerri for this!

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