Peach’s Castle [GameCube – Tech Demo]

Peach’s Castle [GameCube – Tech Demo]


In 2002 Nintendo sent various developers a GameCube interactive tech demo in order to show them the graphical capabilities of their new console. In this tech demo you can move an arrow through Peach’s Casle and in every room you can see a different graphic effect. It was never released to the public and could have been lost forever, but luckily sometime ago the Peach’s Castle Tech Demo was leaked online and it can now be preserved.

Update: it seems that this demo was used  in the 5-22-01 GameCube SDK. The official Nintendo description says: “There are eight rooms (stages) available for introducing various features and effects. In addition, there are two demo modes available for giving effective demos: normal demo mode and auto demo mode. In normal demo mode, users move from room to room using an arrow, and each feature is introduced. In auto demo mode, the camera moves automatically from room to room and each feature of each room is introduced. The total time required for all rooms is 4 minutes 30 seconds.”

Thanks to Jay for the english corrections!

[spoiler /Click here for the tech-demo info/ /Hide the tech-demo info/]Stage Number: 1
Stage Name: ENTRANCE
Total Polygons: 50640
Total texture size: 2260 KB
Total modeling data size: 1027 KB

Stage Number: 2
Stage Name: DOME
Total Polygons: 17571
Total texture size: 5930 KB
Total modeling data size: 324 KB
Feature shown: large textures, mipmaps

Stage Number: 3
Total Polygons: 29754
Total texture size: 1120 KB
Total modeling data size: 639 KB
Feature shown: bump maps, specular maps, shadow maps

Stage Number: 4
Stage Name: HANGAR
Total Polygons: 34111
Total texture size: 2157 KB
Total modeling data size: 591 KB
Feature shown: antialiasing

Stage Number: 5
Stage Name: CAVE
Total Polygons: 30051
Total texture size: 1241 KB
Total modeling data size: 478 KB
Feature shown: local lights

Stage Number: 6
Total Polygons: 15253
Total texture size: 2673 KB
Total modeling data size: 250 KB
Feature shown: texture projection

Stage Number: 7
Stage Name: METAL MARIO!
Total Polygons: 5330
Total texture size: 1859 KB
Total modeling data size: 149 KB
Feature shown: environment map

Stage Number: 8
Stage Name: How Many COINS?
Total Polygons: 92160 (768 objects * 120) + 504
Total texture size: 159 KB
Total modeling data size: 26 KB
Feature shown: maximum polygons[/spoiler]

Thanks a lot to Marco / Grotesque and 50CALBR for the contributions!



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