New OoT Developer Interview translation

New OoT Developer Interview translation


GlitterBerri has finished a new translation from the Zelda: Ocarina Of Time developers interview series, the 16° one titled “Looks Like This Zelda Was Tough to Fix (Part 2)”. You can read the full translation at BerriBlue! Here are some of the more interesting parts:

We were making the game to match the basic abilities we had decided on for Link at the beginning, but his ability settings were changed midway through. This lead to the mappers (who had been making the maps according to the original settings) suddenly finding themselves having to change their maps.

As an example,we totally redid the Water Temple. The amount of time Link could stay underwater was changed part way through

This is from a little while back, but they heard that the hookshot ability had been changed, they quickly checked the maps

The Super Mario Club (※) had a big influence. After we hired testers, everything was suddenly changed at 30% completion.

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