World Of Warcraft [Beta – Gurubashi Catacombs]

World Of Warcraft [Beta – Gurubashi Catacombs]

Another WoW article, I know there are not many reading this as all WoW nerds (including me) are busy playing the game, but hey, always fun to read, isn’t it? So anyway, back in the vanilla WoW beta there were ANOTHER battleground apart from Azshara Crater (which you also can read about here…) that was cut from the game. This was the ancestor to arenas (!) that was in TBC. It was a 5v5 battleground that was inspired by FPS deathmatches, simply elimination.

Sadly, it was cancelled due to the following reasons:

– WoW is not a FPS game

– Deathmatches doesn’t work as well as in WoW PvP

– It’s not fun being the single healer in Single Elimination DM

– Objectives are the keys to the main cores of battlegrounds.

– Arena idea was cool, but battlegrounds play differently.

– Arena maps needs to be small which Gurubashi was not.

During World of Warcraft Insider insider #9, Blizzard stated, “We realized that we were just going to have to instance the battlegrounds and turn them into a mini-game of their own. But at the same time, we’ve found that during that process you have to make sure that everything in a battleground goes toward that final objective. We actually tried building a battleground internally once, called the Gurubashi Catacombs (we spoke a little bit about it at BlizzCon), and that battleground didn’t actually have any objectives outside of killing the opponents.”

Preview of the battleground

A preview of how it would look like. What’s funny here is how it says “Wrath of the Lich King” under the logo, and we are talking about the WOW BETA here. Probably this picture was taken during a conferance or something when the battleground’s story was revealed to the public.

Gurubashi and it's problems

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