Dante [XBOX – Cancelled]

Dante [XBOX – Cancelled]

Dante was a Xbox 3rd person action adventure game developed by ACeS Studio in 2000/2001.

“Before the system’s announcement, Microsoft had a mandate for the game studios it owned to come up with ideas, ideas that have never been realized before in games. ACeS’ Dante was one of the lucky few that made it to prototype phase, the screens below are from a marketing video created to display what the game’s style. The game would have put you in the place of firefighter Jeremiah Dante, as he was followed around by the “911 HoverCam” that filmed his adventures for a live TV show, as he fought fires using his futuristic, high-tech equipment like the cannon on his arm that used a combination of lasers (yes, lasers) and water to fight fires, this was supplied by that backpack you see on his arm. Apparently, the left stick controlled Dante, while the right stick would have controlled the direction of where the water/laser ended up. And the game’s logo feature the name of the game in smoke. Fortunately for us, this game was canceled before an actual working prototype was ready.”

From the old SurferGirl blog



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