Forsaken 2 [Cancelled – XBOX PS2]

Forsaken 2 [Cancelled – XBOX PS2]

Thanks to a post on Sabre470, we know that a sequel of Forsaken was in development at Acclaim Studios Teesside, but was soon cancelled because of the death of Acclaim. The game would have been in the works for XBOX and PlayStation 2, but only a small racing demo remains as a proof: as Sabre470 has wrote: “The demo is only one level so far and enables you to control the vehicle in a tunnel and race throuhg”. You can see some screens from the proto in the gallery below.

Sabre470 is currently selling the Forsaken 2 proto, so if you are interested, send him an email to [email protected] (remove the -NOSPAM-)



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6 thoughts on “Forsaken 2 [Cancelled – XBOX PS2]

  1. Celine

    video is no more.

    When : August 2000 – October 2000, March 2002 – May 2002
    Machine : Initially PC and/or X-Box, then exclusively Playstation 2
    Developer : Acclaim Studios Teesside
    Publisher : Acclaim
    Description : A fast, fun shoot-em-up, loosely based on the original Forsaken game. Postponed while Zombie Revenge was completed, which in turn made way for Shadow Man 2. Returned briefly when SM2 was complete, but had to produce a demo of the vehicle controls, rather than work on the code design. It didn’t matter in the end, as the closure of Acclaim’s Teesside Studio also signalled the end of Forsaken 2.

  2. sabre470


    Yes I did vanish and remove my YT channel for various reasons. I still have the proto, I might consider selling at some point with the right offer.

  3. Ross Sillifant

    The original concept for Forsaken was to have the player starting off on foot, then finding a jet pack, but team took it to flying around on hover bikes instead.

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