Various Megaman unused sprites

Various Megaman unused sprites

The people at Sprites INC. ripped some sprites from the Megaman series and found some nice unused stuff in there! Some of the most interesting ones are:

Megaman 9 Skateboard enemy falling sprite:

Megaman ZX – DS debug room:

Megaman 2 unused tiles:

Megaman 7 unused enemies / sprites:

Megaman Power Battles & Fighter unused prites:

Megaman Battle Network 1-6 unused sprites:

You can find more Megaman unused sprites in the Sprites INC archive!

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4 thoughts on “Various Megaman unused sprites

  1. CJLopez

    So, the hadoken move was gonna in power battles huh, but they decided to remove it, huh?

    Also, slidding and shooting would had been awesome, and +1 to blues doing a Captain America move!!!

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