Time Splitters [PS2 – Beta]

Time Splitters [PS2 – Beta]

TimeSplitters is a FPS developed by Free Radical Design (now known as Crytek UK) and published by Eidos on October 2000 in North America as a PlayStation 2 launch game.  Below you can see are a couple of beta videos of  the original Time Splitters, that seem to have some differences from the final version!

Thanks a lot to pacloser97 that noticed some of the beta stuff in the first video below:

The differences I am noticing are, in the full game there is a crosshair, the the guns move when turning, the first laser weapon shown seems to have a little less of a tint of red in the full game, the weapon shown at 0:36 doesn’t look like its final version counterpart, the level shown at 0:51 doesn’t look like its in the full game 0:55 also looks like a whole new level as well, at 1:31 at the top left screen the sniper isn’t in the full game.

Thanks to MicroChirp for the contribution!


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  1. MicroChirp

    You can find more TimeSplitters beta videos from all the 3 TS games at IGN’s YouTube channel by typing in “timesplitters” – most of the videos with that tag on the channel will be beta videos.

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