Info on the cancelled Conker sequel

Info on the cancelled Conker sequel

Lord deathsaur has posted an interesting link in our forum, about an article at Mundo Rare with some informations on Conker’s Other Bad Day, the presumed sequel of the original platform/adventure with our lovely squirrel. Mundo Rare has asked to Chris Seavor (the RARE developer that switched Twelve Tales: Conker 64 into Conker’s Bad Fur Day) about Other Bad Day, and he replied that “We actually started on a direct sequel which was going to be called ‘Conker’s Other Bad Day‘ which dealt with Conker’s somewhat unsuccessful tenure as King. […]” but it seems that Microsoft was not interested in the game.. so the project was just stopped. Check the original story at Mundo Rare for more informations and thanks to Lord Deathsaur for the link!

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