RS Links: FFIII/IV DS, unused stuff?

RS Links: FFIII/IV DS, unused stuff?

Robert Seddon has another series of unseen links for us, today about unused content in the DS remakes of Final Fantasy 3 / 4. At the Forum Slickness people have found some unused / untranslated dialogue about beta items, characters and a debug shop. Dragonsbrethren list some of those finds in his post:

  • 40 dummied items.
  • A “Takkei Tail.”
  • A dummied lance.
  • Two dummied katanas.
  • A dummied staff.
  • A dummied whip.
  • An “Augment Test” augment. Tongue
  • An “MP Efficiency” augment.
  • A “DoesNotExist” augment.
  • An “Omega Tail.”
  • A “Zemus Tail.”
  • A “Debugger” shop, with what appears to be its own shopkeeper lines: “How…how did you get here?”

You can check the original posts here & here. As always, thanks to Robert Seddon for these link!

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7 thoughts on “RS Links: FFIII/IV DS, unused stuff?

  1. Xavio

    Judging by the “dummied whip” item you surely mean the Final Fantasy with Cecil in it, which is Final Fantasy 4. Also, the “Zemus Tail” is a property of Zemus, which is the endboss in FF4 (or rather Zeromus, but whatever). Final Fantasy 6 is the sixth Final Fantasy in Japan, and the third Final Fantasy in USA/Europe, and the one in USA is always mixed with the Final Fantasy 3 in Japan, which were for the NES.

    Final Fantasy 6 is not released on the DS (let’s hope though), but Final Fantasy 3 (Japan) is, and so is the 4th Final Fantasy.

    So I guess this is Final Fantasy 4 DS we are talking about here, not Final Fantasy 6.

    BTW, 6 in roman letters is VI, IV is 4.

  2. monokoma Post author

    My bad.. i’m not good with numbers, i got them mixed up ;P It should be fixed now… or so i hope. So for the DS we have the remakes of FF 3 and FF 4, right?

  3. avalanch

    No, for the DS we have the remakes of FF4 & FF6.

    FF1 US & Jap (Nes)
    FF2 Jap (Nes)
    FF3 Jap (Nes)
    FF4 Released in US as FF2. Released in Jap as FF4
    FF5 Released in Jap as FF5 not sure if it released on snes in US but it is on playstation in US.
    FF6 Released in US as FF3. Released in Jap as FF6.

    1. monokoma Post author

      Interesting, I wonder if to create the DS version they just dumped text from their SNES game or used an old script they had around

      1. Passing Commentator

        Actually, the original famicom version of FFIII didn’t have much of a plot: all of these are scenarios linked to the DS remake which expanded the plot and gave the main characters concrete identities. None of this exists in the original game, only in the remake.
        You might be thinking of Final Fantasy VI. I’m referring to the DS remake of the NES/Famicom Final Fantasy III

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