Huge Prototype Sale

Huge Prototype Sale

Over at GameSniped, Castlevania4ever is selling his massive collection of prototype and unreleased games! If you are interested in buying any one of them, just send him an offer through a PM on the GameSniped Forums.

His collection spans over several different systems, including Gameboy, NES, SNES, N64, PS2, Genesis, and more! It’s really a huge list, so go check it out! There are some very rare items on the list, like the NTSC NES version of Earthbound, or the unreleased N64 game Toon Panic. I tried to buy Toon Panic, but someone had already offered over 1000 USD, which is way out of my price range. So if you have some money to spare and you buy one of his games, you can help build Unseen 64’s archive by providing us with pictures and video of your purchase!

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4 thoughts on “Huge Prototype Sale

  1. FullMetalMC

    OMG I hope the Hidden Palace gets some of these shouldnt we contact the ppl who end up buying these?

  2. monokoma

    We could try to contact the winners, but sometimes it’s hard because they want to remains anonymous. I really would like to have a video of Toon Panic, Nicola (an italian friend from had it long time ago, the screens from our Toon Panic archive came from him, but he didnt make any video before re-selling the proto ;(

  3. CoinCollector

    Well, I contacted Castlevania4Ever about Toon Panic, and he said that he could take some screenshots of it if he had the time!

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