RS Links: Essence of Saga Frontier

RS Links: Essence of Saga Frontier


Robert Seddon continues his great series of unseen-links, with a couple of pages about the beta content of Saga Frontier. As he says “Information on the removed bits is supposed to be in a Japanese book called ‘The Essence of SaGa Frontier’, but I can only find *incomplete* transcriptions:

Interesting note about the FFVII-style Love Meter. (‘Red’s quest was supposed to have a unique spin to it– he was supposed to have a  love parameter that would determine how close Red and Yuria are. Depending on how Red responded to her, they would either end up together or not. However, due to a lack of memory, this project was scrapped, and it is the general consensus that they end up together.’) Otherwise, it’s too unfinished: ‘This FAQ is far from complete and will expand only when people start asking more questions, since the question-and-answer session makes it easier for our esteemed sources to figure out what people want to know.’ (Nobody asked, I suppose…)

But… here there are some translation information, and has scans. But… they’re both incomplete as of now, and seem to have been
dormant for months, although they may not be dead yet.”

If someone has more informations about the “Essence of SaGa Frontier” book or a complete translation of the removed game-content, please let us know!

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4 thoughts on “RS Links: Essence of Saga Frontier

  1. Eriol

    Asellus has a removed scene, notably, she suppsoed to throw herself at Kurenai, and it explains why she has a naked sprite (just go to the debug mode)

    And also, does Rei-hime suppose to sell sacred lot in first place? I never able to draw anything from her, she always said “SOLD OUT”.

    There are many other things to mention, I’m sure Gamesfaqs users know more about this +3

  2. darkavenger7789

    Everyone out there who views this article, I’m the owner of the livejournal scans. It most probably would be dead, but in the past couple of days I’ve had my interest renewed. Once I get a scanner I will be updating and expanding(and most likely completing) the book on livejournal.

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