Beta Videos [SOR 2, Shinobi 3 & more]

Beta Videos [SOR 2, Shinobi 3 & more]

Recently, SuperGalvatron has uploaded 2 gameplay videos of Streets of Rage 2 and Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master that contains several beta elements. This is the only (at the moment) video of a beta version of Shinobi that is different from the one that is on the Internet, it shows many differences, first, there is the introduction that features strange colors of Joe Musashi clothes, second, the action take place in a different version of the first level with the unused tiger enemies (which were later cancelled from the game’s artwork) and enemy ninja that jump around (instead in the final they jump straight in the air).


This video looks close the beta that we can play, but there are still several differences, for example the icon near the health bar looks the final to me (but I can be wrong, the video is not very clear). There are smashable things like barrel and signs and the character can pick up weapons. Max walking animation is the same as our beta. The boss stage is missing the rain, and there is Zamza instead of Barbon (I don’t know what kind of thing are on the ground). It seems that Zamza’s life bar keeps refilling, much like Barbon keep respawing in our beta. There is Big-Ben (he is called Bongo) and there are other punks with different palette, and they pops out from the hole (if I remeber correctly the gutters are animated in the final).




That catchy music is the same of a old Sonic 2 video, and in fact they all come from the same spanish magazine, SuperJuegos, which gave promo tapes.


Here is the one from n°7 (the cover above is from Secrets of Sonic Team, with a very deep analysis of the video), courtesy of ekmezzzod, and show many different games. I didn’t play them all and my memory isn’t very flawless, so someone can spots the differences better than me :D




Same deal here (these one are from n°8), every help is really appreciated :P

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