Final Fantasy VII unused text translation project

Final Fantasy VII unused text translation project


Robert Seddon & Glitterberri have finished their interesting translation project and now we are able to read in english all the unused japanese text that was found in FF7 International. Here’s an example: “Another piece of unused dialogue from Mt. Corel; in the English files the dialogue on this map is all from Barret’s flashback with Dyne. GlitterBerri’s translation below shows a bit of extra character development on the journey through the mountains.

Barret: Hey, Cloud……

Cloud: What is it? Your voice sounds strange.

Barret: ……..jeez… It’s nothing.

Tifa: whisper whisper…… (Something’s weird about Barret…)


Yuffie: Hey, I have to go to the bathroom! I hope there’s one nearby…

Presumably this scene would have foreshadowed Barret’s reception in Corel Village; maybe Square decided it was superfluous.”

You can read more about the “Hot Blooded Detective Joe” project and all the unused text @ BerriBlue Blog & The Face Of The Moon Blog. Props to them for the find and the translation! :)

If you are curious about the Detective Joe reference, it’s linked to the original FF7 plot, as we can read in an old IGN article: “Nomura recalled the creation of the game’s plot, which was originally written by Hironobu Sakaguchi, now of Mistwalker. Nomura, who claims to still have a copy of the plot, noted how “completely different” it is from the final version. “I think he wanted to do something like a detective story? There was a character called Hot Blooded Detective Joe.” The Midgar city was already in place at this point. The early part of the story that was written by Sakaguchi involved Detective Joe chasing after the main characters, who then blow up the city. Obviously, the story changed some once Nomura and Kitase got involved.”

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  1. cyborgpluviophile

    Does anyone happen to have a working link to Face Of The Moon? For the past two years, every time I try to seek info there I get a “permission denied” error from Blogspot. Is all that info backed up anywhere? It was truly a goldmine…

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