Virtua Tennis Wii?

Virtua Tennis Wii?

The last issue of Official Nintendo Magazine UK arrived at Cubed today, and inside they found an interesting interview with  Steve Lycett, executive producer at  Sumo Digital, the software house that created Sega Superstars Tennis. He said that, at the beginning, the Wii version was a Virtua Tennis Wii prototype:

We do some prototyping on a potential Wii version of Virtua Tennis 3 and whilst we’re doing that we make all the characters have big heads. SEGA pay us a visit and on seeing this suggest we pop in Sonic instead of a big-headed Federer. As such, potential character defamation cases are avoided and the seeds of SEGA Superstar Tennis are born.

 It would be nice to see the big-headed Federer, though.

Source: Cubed

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