Nooks and Crannies [PS2/PC – Cancelled]

Nooks and Crannies [PS2/PC – Cancelled]


Nooks and Crannies is a cancelled game from AndNow, the developers team of Ed Annunziata. It was in development for the PC and planned for a Playstation 2 port. In the original press-release for this game we can read that: “Nooks & Crannies is the first real game with artificial life characters; little alien Nooks and Crannies. Imagine virtual cock-fighting with your own alien pets. Feed-em, Kill-em, Evolve-em, then send them on one daunting mission after another. Its Creatures meets Command & Conquer in lush 3D alien worlds, seen through a fully controllable camera. You can even breed them on your Palm Pilot and upload them to your PC. Nooks and Crannies — it’s not just a game, it’s a hobby.

The game is designed to be played many different ways:

1. Single player, mission based or free-form strategic play.
2. Over a LAN with (4-8) players.
3. One-on-one modem play.
4. Internet (Mpath, Kali).
5. Email using the Nooks & Crannies Post Office.

Evolve a unique “tribe” according to game demands and personal strategy. Each retail copy contains the DNA of a unique Nook and Cranny which you use as breeding stock.”

The game vanished when AndNow closed down.



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4 thoughts on “Nooks and Crannies [PS2/PC – Cancelled]

  1. Rodney

    I saw the authors demo this in 1999(?) I have hoped to play it ever since. It was one of the first games to have creatures that learned and evolved to some extent. The whole thing was silly but these cute little guys’ unwavering desire to wipe each other out was very compelling.

    1. monokoma Post author

      Indeed, it looked like an interesting project! Do you have any contact for the authors? It would be nice to ask them some more info about what was planned for this game :)

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