Metal Gear Solid 4: first beta finds

Metal Gear Solid 4: first beta finds

People at Kotaku have made an interesting comparison betwen new and old MGS4 trailers, finding some changes in the style of the cutscenes and a couple of different 3D models. This is already a good start for future MGS4 unseen.. i wonder how much of the old trailers will be cut or changed in the final version of the game. So, who will be the first to finish MGS4 and then compare it with all the old media to find some good betas?

“Late last week, Kojima Productions released a (mostly) new MGS4 trailer. This is, it wasn’t new new, but rather, “new.” Kojima Productions went through and made various changes, alterations to assets that appeared in earlier trailers. But what kind of changes? Are they changes for the better? Or not? Above, is a comparison. On the left is footage from an older, yellowish MGS4 trailer, while on the right there’s brand new footage.”











Link: Metal Gear Solid 4, You’ve Changed, Man

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