Maximum Surge [3DO/Saturn – Unreleased?]

Maximum Surge [3DO/Saturn – Unreleased?]

Maximum Surge is a cancelled game by Digital Pictures. Planned for release in 1996 for the 3DO, MAC, PC and Sega Saturn. It featured full-motion video in the same way that many of Digital Pictures’ releases of the time did. The game featured Walter Koenig, Yasmine Bleeth, and Michael Champion. The game was directed by William Mesa, and written by J. Garrett Glover & Charlie Ogden. The game stars you as an unnamed soldier, as you join forces with Jo (Yasmine Bleeth) against Drexel (Walter Koenig), who is trying to replace humanity with evil cyborg beings which transfer information by means of umbilical data cords. It is up to you to destroy his bases and ultimately face him in the final battle. Many internet sources disagree on the existence of this game. Flash Film Works, the people responsible for the special effects used in the game, claim that it was unreleased; however, the ESRB lists it as having been released on different game consoles, and even gives it a rating. [Info from Wikipedia]



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7 thoughts on “Maximum Surge [3DO/Saturn – Unreleased?]

  1. Celine

    Ultimately, Maximum Surge was never released. Two months before the projected release date, focus groups produced enough good suggestions that Digital Pictures delayed the game another six months to implement them all. Unfortunately, the company closed down before Maximum Surge could be sent to market, and Zito sold off the rights to another publisher. Some of its footage was eventually combined with that of other titles and released as the movie Game Over, but as a game it was dead, and with it died Zito’s dream of making FMV the wave of the future's%20Den:%20Digital%20Pictures

    Are you interested in scans about this one ?

  2. Celine

    Sorry it seems as I can’t find that article anymore ( I read to much old magazines in the past weeks … )

    1. eSPy

      IGN has a bit more description

      Maximum Surge was a videogame project for the FMV gaming company Digital Pictures. The game was another attempt at bringing movie-level production to gaming for the company, which believed and relied heavily on the limited gaming format. The game starred Yasmine Bleeth and Walter Koenig, and told of a computer hacker doing digital battle with the net police and a master computer called Drexel. Produced in 1996, the game was doomed to be a casualty of the FMV fallout after too many pointless titles — according to Digital Pictures founder and head Tom Zito, the game was due to utilize several breakthroughs in FMV technology that’d take it beyond all the issues of previous FMV games (with interactive frames of video remapped on the fly), but it was not completed before Digital Pictures went out of business.

      Maximum Surge was instead, however, turned into a full movie that played on cable television.

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