The Red Star e3 2004 Version

The Red Star e3 2004 Version

Borman has got his hands on an interesting beta demo of The Red Star, the one that was playable at E3 2004… but the game was released only in 2007! As he says at PtPO: “Luckily, the game is quite fun, so I am glad it finally found its way to the hands of some consumers. The version that I obtained, thanks to Ace (!!), is the version that Acclaim was showing off during e3 2004. Better yet, one particular .bik video on the disk caught my eye, as it was an early, storyboard version of the attract / intro movie, complete with drawings and arrows pointing out how the final animation would play!”


I still need to play The Red Star so i do not know if there are some differences between this demo and the final version (apart from the storyboards in the intro movie), but you can check all the screenshots and videos at Past To Present Online. If you find some differences, let us know! :)

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One thought on “The Red Star e3 2004 Version

  1. Ross Sillifant

    I believe the opening level of the canned Xbox version, made it onto the UK Official Xbox magazine cover disc.

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