[PC] Fallen Empire: Legions – Open Beta Test

[PC] Fallen Empire: Legions – Open Beta Test

Fallen Empire: Legions is an upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter (FPS) computer game by GarageGames. The GarageGames team is made of up many key members from Dynamix, the developers of Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes 2. Announced officially in January of 2007, Legions is being developed as a “spiritual successor” to Tribes, lending many gameplay elements from the series, while aiming into a new direction. The key selling point of the game, like in Tribes, is the jetpack system, allowing the player to travel in all directions. A February trailer states “freedom of movement returns. 2008.”. [Info from Wikipedia]



The open beta for the game is started a couple of days ago. If you want to “beta test” the game, there’s a “hidden” email address on their website (This one: [email protected]), if you send them a blank e-mail, you will get an automatic answer with the confirmation code to join the beta test! Good luck and dont play too much.

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