More old magazines scans! EGM 01 (May 1989).. any beta in there?

More old magazines scans! EGM 01 (May 1989).. any beta in there?

The great people at Retromags have found and shared the first issue of EGM, dated May 1989! Are you unseen-geek enough to find some beta screens in it?


“This issue was incredibly hard to come by on Ebay, I believe in the past 3 years of running Retromags, I have maybe only ever seen it listed 3-4 times. I hope you guys enjoy this release! A big thanks goes out to Meppi for sacrificing his Mario Kart play time to clean up the scans of this issue. I would also like to thank everyone who donates to this site, those donations help us acquire these rare gems for preservation. As this issue is now scanned, I have re listed it on Ebay for selling. We will be taking the money won from selling this issue to acquire more missing EGM issues.”

You can download the file @ Retromags:

They are even working on getting a full set of the first 10 years of EGM released, so help them if you can!

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