Power Blazer VS Power Blade

Power Blazer VS Power Blade

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Power Blade was a NES video game that was released in America in 1991, by Taito. The game was released a year before in Japan (1990), with the name “Power Blazer”: the style was really different from the USA version, more “cute” and most of the levels were redesigned to appeal more to the american audience.. yeah, Americans really love bad dudes that look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator.

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2 thoughts on “Power Blazer VS Power Blade

  1. Brian Johnson

    Myself, I prefer the American version because it is simply more fun and enjoyable and not so unfair like Power Blazer is. How? Let me explain:

    1) Power Blazer is full of pixel perfect jumps you need to make just to get around and if you don’t get them the first time around, you either fall several screens or end up dying (in the game)! Power Blade does not do that.

    2) You can’t throw upwards with your boomerang in Power Blazer, while in Power Blade you can!

    3) Not to mention climbing ladders is a nightmare in Power Blazer! How could Power Blazer mess this up? Well, they did!

    4) Worse of all, there’s hardly any power ups to speak of to collect in Power Blazer and the ones I do get are “N” icons which take away the red boomerang power!

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