Good Cop, Bad Cop [PS2 – Cancelled]

Good Cop, Bad Cop [PS2 – Cancelled]

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One thought on “Good Cop, Bad Cop [PS2 – Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Game was planned for far more than just PS2, full list was:PS2, Xbox, PC+GameCube.

    Game Engine was using Renderware, hype said finished version should run at 60 FPS and the WIP version was claimed to be pushing some 6 million polys per second.

    Game promised puzzle elements. but emphasis on action, you’d have full freedom on gow to deal with encounters with NPC’s and the NPC A.I would in turn react to how you reacted.

    PS2 version would make good use of the dual shock Analogue sticks and pressure sensitive buttons….

    You’d have choice of using stealth or just going for it guns blazing etc.

    Planned release date was Q4 2002.

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