Gladiator: The Crimson Reign [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

Gladiator: The Crimson Reign [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

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3 thoughts on “Gladiator: The Crimson Reign [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

  1. Maik Thiele


    All-New Brutally Realistic Gladiator-based 3-D Fighting Game Pits Gamers Against Gladiators In a Battle for Survival

    CHICAGO – August 2, 2002 – Midway Games Inc. (NYSE: MWY), a leading software industry publisher and developer, announced today that Gladiator: The Crimson ReignTM, an all-new gladiator-based 3-D fighting game, is in development and scheduled to ship in 2003 for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the XboxTM video game system from Microsoft and Nintendo GameCubeTM.

    In Gladiator: The Crimson Reign, gamers journey back to ancient Rome, 79 A.D., during a time when warrior slaves fought for their freedom in gruesome battles to the death. Assuming the role of a warrior slave – and armed with a unique combination fighting system that renders never-before-seen combo moves and attacks – players battle against fellow slaves and mythical monsters in gladiator-style tournaments. Players choose from fierce and ruthless gladiators such as Kalen, Brennos and Appollonia, and engage in hard-fought battles in old world cities and amphitheaters spread throughout the Roman Empire.

    “Gladiator: The Crimson Reign combines mythological gods, beasts, legends and lore with the shocking reality of the Roman Empire’s ferocious arena fighting, delivering a brutally realistic fighting experience,” said David Burton, European marketing, Midway.

    In the game, players travel to immersive and interactive environments including Pompeii, Athens, Babylon and Alexandria, fighting for their lives in contests such as Last Man Standing, Gladiator Versus Beast, Team Battle and Money Match, where they can simultaneously battle against multiple opponents. As players advance in tournament battle the arenas become larger and the opponents stronger, forcing gladiators to increase abilities such as dexterity, speed, strength and endurance if they want to survive. To aid gladiators in battle, armor and weaponry such as daggers, axes, swords and shields can be acquired in exchange for booty won in previous competitions. The longest and hardest battle in each championship commences with the final battle, where players are pitted against brute arena champions and mythical beasts as they endeavor to regain their freedom.

    Gladiator: The Crimson Reign Key Features
    Ten selectable player characters from all areas of the Roman Empire with backstory and special ending sequences
    Compete in battles across six different arenas spanning the Roman Empire, including Athens and Pompeii, each with its unique sizes and attributes
    Upgrade system features hundreds of armor and weaponry changes for characters
    Weapon-based fighting system features 47 different possible weapon combinations
    Fight engine features expanded skill tree to allow players to unlock additional moves
    Play modes include: Story mode, Team play and Vs. mode
    Four-player simultaneous combat
    Unique crowd interaction design with “mood control”
    Players can select other fighters to join the stable of fighters
    Controls allow for right- and left-handed fighting
    Exchange, destroy, pickup/drop and strip weapons during combat
    Six levels of enemy types from each of the 10 cities
    Battle mythological beasts and wild animals from each of the 10 cities
    31 unique arena settings varying in size, complexity and theme
    Discover and unlock hidden arenas
    Mini-games allow players to compete as the enemy or creature
    Decapitate or slice off the limbs of opponents during the heat of the battle

    Midway Games Inc. is a leading developer, publisher and marketer of interactive entertainment software. Midway videogames are available for play on all major videogame platforms including the PlayStation

  2. joe willis black

    I own a ps2 prototype of this game.

    i was hired on the team toward the end of the project.

    Specifically to save it

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