Eon Of Tears [XBOX – Cancelled]

Eon Of Tears [XBOX – Cancelled]

Eon of Tears was a biblical-fantasy RPG, based on the premise that there is a Bible Code that gives a special power to those who can harness it. The game was cancelled, but this is the developer’s description and we are not really sure if we wanted it to be released: “The main objective was to learn how to decode it and understand its power. After going through different periods of time, from the very Creation to the End of Times, learning the true meaning of the Bible and facing all kinds of creatures, you had the ultimate choice of using that power to help save the world or destroy it. In EoT, players had to accomplish several quests in order to accumulate special powers and wisdom. Eon of Tears was aimed at a mature audience, offering a mix of Survival Horror through its gameplay and traditional RPGs with its actions.”

[source: www.evillusion.com]



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One thought on “Eon Of Tears [XBOX – Cancelled]

  1. dude

    If i ever become wealthy i will pay these people to finish this game so that i can have the power for my self…MWAAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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