Carrier 2: The Next Mutation [PS2 – Cancelled]

Carrier 2: The Next Mutation [PS2 – Cancelled]

Carrier is a cult-classic survival-horror game developed for the Dreamcast. Many fans  wanted a sequel to this game. A sequel, called Carrier: The Next Mutation was being developed  for the Playstation 2. The game, being developed by Jaleco, was sadly never released. Jaleco was  known for the popular arcade series, Bases Loaded.  Like many survival- horror games at the time, Carrier had tank controls, and limited  supplies found throughout the game. The game also used prerendered backgrounds to spice up  gameplay. The game also supplied your character with a pair of special goggles: these goggles  would be used to identify NPCs. The story was similar to many survival- horror games at the time: it would follow two government agents inspecting an aircraft that got disconnecting from  the mainland.  This game was going to be released in early 2001. Sadly, how much of the game that  was completed was never official stated. Even though the predecessor had a place in many fans  hearts, it would overshadow by games such as Resident Evil at the time. This is the reason many  fans believe why this game was sadly cancelled.  We can say that Jaleco is now a dead company, the company was considered  inactive since 2013. A name changed for the company occurred in 2006, and mostly produced  japanese cellphone games. While looking around, it seems Jaleco was delisted from JASDAQ  Securites in 2013. Also, the parent company went bankrupt in 2014.


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