Parasite Eve [PSX – Tech Demo / Concept]

Parasite Eve [PSX – Tech Demo / Concept]


Parasite Eve is a survival horror / RPG developed and published by Square. In these early screens we can see some early concepts for the game, that looks a bit different from the final version. As Sky as made us to notice “the Wall St. Station was not used. Instead, they used the Brooklyn Bridge Station. Basically, it was a lot grungier in the final. Though, yeah, I see where the other one was used. It was an old version of the sewer level. Different perspective and a lot less depressing looking than the final. I now realize that when Squaresoft went Horror Bunko-style, they meant it. You might notice the much less cartoony look in the release version.”

Thanks a lot to Sky for the contribution!



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5 thoughts on “Parasite Eve [PSX – Tech Demo / Concept]

  1. Robert Seddon

    From an old interview:

    ‘There were originally supposed to be a couple of maps in the sewer in which you had to find a lead pipe and baseball bat the rats around.’

    ‘There were supposed to be a couple of maps set in Manhattan’s infamous “Hellfire” S&M club, but they got cut. It is very sad. S&M babes everywhere.’ (I raise my eyebrows at this one, but it’s in the interview… Maybe the dev. team was trying to outdo the Honey Bee Inn.)

    ‘The main thing cut was the 24-bit FMV engine we developed. It could play back 24-bit full screen video clips with real-time rendered characters on top of them; actually, not just on top of them, but Z-buffer composited into the video clips. It could play them backwards too.’

  2. Ian

    I remember talking to someone who was testing the early version of the game many years ago. He told me that they had to switch the last days around or something because the ratings board didn’t like the idea of killing Eve when she was pregnant. He also said (and I’m not sure if this is true or not) that they had to lower the resolution of the FMVs as they looked ‘too real’ or something? He did, however, send me a .gif (which I’ve probably lost now) which did show Eve in a lot more detail…

  3. Sam Jones

    Parasite Eve was, by and large, a tech demo for the graphics engine that would later fuel Final Fantasy VIII. Luckily, it still managed to be a decent game in its own right.

  4. Eriol33

    Thanks to post this! I remembered looooong time ago I read a video game magazine and read the preview of parasite eve, there were screenshots of Aya fought a t-rex behind police cars. That image still ingrained to my memory because it was so cool.

    it seems that fighting scene didn’t make up to the final game? I don’t recall any moment of fighting with a t-rex

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