Resident Evil [GC – Tech Demos & Concept]

Resident Evil [GC – Tech Demos & Concept]

In these screens and in the video, we can see a series of concept arts and tech demos (for the 3D models and the animations) created by Capcom while the Resident Evil gamecube remake was in development. In these we can even find some pre-rendered backgrounds that were never used in the final game, as the “room on fire” or the “dark stairs” ones. It’s interesting to notice that Jill never uses all those kicks animations in the final version.



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2 thoughts on “Resident Evil [GC – Tech Demos & Concept]

  1. O_and_N

    The dark stairs look like a remake for Alone in the dark the new nightmare.But they actually have the vibe of what the Ghost resident evil 0 was going to be.

    One of the kicks is still on the gamecube game, but it is a idle animation when you stay still and don’t do nothing and it will trigger from time to time.

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