Xenosaga [PS2 – Beta]

Xenosaga is a rpg trilogy for the Ps2 that was developed by Monolith Software. Originally, however, it was meant to be a saga of six episodes, but after the poor sales of Xenosaga II Namco decided to close the series in 2006 with the third installment. In the trailer of the first Xenosaga, embedded below, we can see that some cutscenes were slightly changed in the final version or removed and later inserted in the sequel. Also, the game was supposed to be released on two dvds, but at the end the producers opted for a dual-layer.

Xenosaga II was instead heavily cut after the original script, created by the scenario writer Soraya and the director Tetsuya Takahashi,was completely rewritten. In 2005, Soraya listed in her website what got removed:

  • Ziggy’s past history (as seen in The Pied Piper)
  • U.R.T.V.’s past history (as seen in the Episode II)
  • Shion’s past history with Febronia
  • Jr’s rapid growing
  • Both juvenile and grown-up Jr. switching available in the battle
  • The ghost of the old Miltia
  • The death of Sakura
  • Brief reunion with grown-up Citrine
  • Gaignun vs Zohar emulators
  • Jr.’s transformation/overdrive
  • Jr. & Albedo vs U-DO vs KOS-MOS 3rd armament
  • Shion’s spiritual seeking/witnessing/awakening
  • The truth about KOS-MOS
  • Conversation between chaos and the red cloak man
  • Conversation between Nephilim and the boy with the blocks
  • An antimatter annihilation of Albedo

Almost all the story sequences were later restored in Episode III and in Xenosaga I+II for DS.

Two other games related to Xenosaga, Xenosaga: Frontier and Xenosaga: Exceed, of which we know nothing, were also cancelled.