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Alliance: The Silent War [PC – Unreleased]

Alliance: The Silent War was a game in development by company Windward Mark Interactive. It’s important to note that Alliance has not been cancelled definitely: Windward Mark Interactive would love to continue work, if the game recieves proper interest and publishing / funding.

The five founders Asi Lang, Chris Colosi, Brad Kittenbrink, Palmer Truelson, and Eric Tulla all knew each other while they were undergraduates at Harvard from 1999-2003. Several of them had been working on advanced graphics research, and eventually teamed up and decided to come up with something  new and unique in gaming. Work was stopped on Alliance when the game was approximately 30% complete. (You can read more about the story of Windward Mark Interactive in Asi Lang’s article + U64 interview)

The WarStudio

One of Alliances’ most unique and original features was called the WarStudio, the WarStudio would serve as your menu for online matches and “what if” scenarios. The WarStudio has a 100 year span of weapon options, and equipment, spanning over 200 small arms, and dozens of countries, and armys. Players would be able to search for weapons by a multitude of search parameters, including date of production, country of origin, ballistic profile, caliber, and so on and so forth. On the server-side, players would be able to set up custom searches or configurations within the WarStudio, or, alternately, pick from a number of pre-configured settings (say, “WWI Western front” against “British spec-ops, 1983”) and jump right into combat.


The story of Windward Mark Interactive + Brief Asi Lang Interview

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Unseen 64 has been given the great opportunity to talk to Asi Lang(who can be reached at alliancethegame [at] of Windward Mark Interactive, about just what exactly happened to Alliance: The Silent War, and where Windward Mark Interactive went, and get the story in his own words. You can read about the game Alliance: The Silent War here or continue below for Asi Lang’s article.

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