under the skin

Under the Skin [PS2 – Beta]

Under The Skin was a weird and obscure PS2 game developed by Capcom. The main character is an extraterrestrial called Cosmi, sent from Planet Mischief to Earth to generally wreak havoc. The game features cameos from some of the cast of Capcom’s other games, such as an entire level that functions as a parody of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis [Infos from Wikipedia].

In  an early video of the game we can see various differences from the final version:

  • Completely different HUD for everything then in the final version.
  • The main character Cosmi is wearing a strap of sorts which he doesn’t have in the final version.
  • You have rings intstead of coins in the final version.
  • In the beta rings fall out of the character when he’s not disguised, in the final coins only come out when the player is attacked.
  • Some different looking NPCs.
  • You start the level without a disguise, where in the final version you do.
  • The humans have health meters ranging from two to four hearts, but in the final version two hits to your disguise reveals your alien form.
  • You can enter a human disguise anywhere, whereas in the final version, you need a UFO to get into a disguise.
  • The text “PERFECT CHANGE” appears when activating a disguise, suggesting that if people spotted you changing, they will know you’re an alien.
  • Snatching an person takes longer and they shrink while snatching them, and people will notice it.
  • The Karaoke atttack does not have speakers following the player.
  • The crowd’s reaction to an attack is not as cartoony as the final version.
  • The music is completely different then any of the music in the final version.

Thanks a lot to Kamekheimer for the contribution!