Voodoo Islands [PC/PS2 – Cancelled]

Voodoo Islands is a cancelled open world action adventure that was in development in 2002 / 2004 by Spirit / 10TACLE Studios for the Playstation 2 and PC. Gamers were able to play in three different modes in both online and offline play, following the life of a pirate, attacking ships, searching hidden treasures and so on.

As we can read in the IGN preview:

Taking the role of a pirate captain, you set forth on the high seas, fighting against evil cannibals, hostile pirates and the omnipresent Conquistadors. Your aim is to control the Caribbean Sea … but these are not calm waters. This is a treacherous sea full of bloodthirsty enemy Pirates, dangerous Voodoo spells and mysterious magical artifacts.

Sadly the game was canned for unknown reasons. In the gallery below you can see various screens from the project: it’s interesting to notice that the early images released were from target renders, that did not look like the “final” game.

Thanks to Userdante for the contribution!