Neon Studios

Legend of Kay 2 [PS2 – Cancelled]

Legend of Kay is a fun hack-and-slash 3D platformer developed by the German-based developer Neon Studios and published by Jowood in Europe and by Capcom in North America in 2005. The game was released to mixed reviews, but major critics were pretty positive about the game.

There is no data on how Legend of Kay performed sales-wise, but after deep research, it turns out that there were plans to make a Legend of Kay 2. Unfortunately, Jowood ran through financial troubles back then, which led to their demise. As a result, the sequel was cancelled in 2006.

Actual development on a prototype build began shortly after the original game’s release, and a few concept artworks were made. Unfortunately, that’s everything there is to see. There were plans to port the PS2 game to the PSP, but that never happened as well.

A history video was made, detailing the inception of Neon Studios, the cancelled sequel, the PSP port and information on the remastered release. Please, Enjoy.