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Let’s Go Jungle! [Arcade – Beta]

Let’s Go Jungle is an arcade light gun shooter published by Sega in Japan in 2006 for the Lindbergh hardware system. In this game players have to shoot down various monsters ranging from a towering praying mantis, mutant frogs and blood-sucking leeches, while they attack these tourists en route through river rapids, cavern ruins, bluffs and more.

Kieranmay was able to notice many beta differences in an early promo trailer:

1. when it tells you to steer the icon intructions are presented differently.

2. the part where you shoot those dragon flys has a stone cliff on the left hand side of the screen in the final version.

3. the scene where the couple realise there heading towards a cliff “what?! theres a cliff”scream and hold on to each other is not present, it goes straight to the action button scene.

4. the water in the swamp scene the couple are walking through is orange/murcky brown colour but in the final version it’s clear.

5. the scene where your on the river shooting those bugs on water are a dark colour but in the final version they’re lime green.

6. the direction icons are red and white but in the final they are either just blue or red depending on which player gets instructions.

7. the frogs that jump out of the water were jumping out much faster in the beta and were a light green but in the final they jump out thats easier for the player to shoot and are green and yellow.

8. the scene where you’re sliding down in the cave you don’t hear gun bullets ricocheting off the sides in the cave like in the final version.

9. other difference in the cave going down the slideis in the final version you have to shoot at the stone tights or you will get hurt but in the beta you don’t shoot them and you don’t get hurt, you just go past them on the way down.

10. the level sumary is different at the end of each level you complete as shown in the video.

Thanks to Kieranmay for the contribution!