GFI Russia

4th Battalion [PC – Cancelled]

4th Battalion is a cancelled Action RPG that was in development by russian studio GFI Russia (MiST land). The game was announced in August 2005 and it was planned as a prequel to Paradise Cracked / Access Code: PARADISE.  4th Battalion’s script started 20 years before the events of “Access Code” on-ridden civil war Mars. The game’s protagonist was meant to be a representative of the Earth and the only hope for restoring order on Mars. The main mission in 4th Battalion was to establish new stability on Mars. As we can read in an old press release:

  • Up-to-date graphics, using all the power of modern video chips.
  • The most realistic physics and dynamics.
  • Real lighting and spectacular special effects.
  • Huge and fully interactive world.
  • Complex and non-linear plot.
  • Advanced Dialogue System.
  • Ability to drive more than 30 kinds of vehicles, from light sand-buggy to heavy assault walking-tank.
  • Huge list of available weapons and equipment.
  • Unlimited possibilities to improve your character.
  • You will be able to fully modify and upgrade vehicles for any purpose.
  • Massive dynamic battles with thousands of units.
  • Ability to create your own army.

In the end the game was never released, maybe because they did not find a publisher interested in the project.

Thanks to Megalol for the contribution!