Digital Spray Studios

The Triangle (Digital Spray Studios) [PC – Cancelled]

The Triangle is a cancelled First-Person Shooter developed around 2003-2004 by Digital Spray Studios, only for the PC.

As we can read on the now-defunct website of it’s developer, The Triangle was:

“A First Person Shooter, in a classical “kill ’em all” style. Game actions take place at the mysterious islands in the Atlantic Ocean, in the region of the, so called, Bermuda Triangle. The main hero is the explorer of mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. He finds temples, palaces and the lost cities of an unknown antique civilization and tries to solve the secret of it’s downfall. When he starts the exploration of those ancient buildings, our hero finds out that they are not desolated, but populated by some kind of fantastic alien creatures, which are not “very friendly” to him. Now he has to try hard to remain alive.”

The game was revealed at the Game Developers Conference 2003, along with You Are Empty, using the same proprietary engine, the DS2 Engine. Some media drawn a comparison with the game Serious Sam.

Little information is available on The Triangle to date. Unlike You Are Empty, which had found a publisher, The Triangle quickly disappeared from radar screens when it was announced and never resurfaced. Only a few screenshots are currently available to remember its existence. We can assume that the developers did not manage to find a potential publisher and decided to postpone the development of the game to devote themselves to You Are Empty, which was released in Eastern Europe in 2006 and in North America in 2007, thanks to Atari, after a chaotic development.

If you know someone who worked on The Triangle and could help us preserve more screenshots, footage or details, please let us know!


You Are Empty [Beta / Unused Stuff / Removed Content – PC]

You Are Empty is a FPS for PC with excellent level design and atmosphere, there are various beautiful locations, memorable enemies and great music. The action takes place in the Soviet Union. The scientists ran an experiment which was aimed to create perfect people, builders of the communism. Something went wrong, and the city became infected with monsters and zombies. The player is not affected by the scientists’ field, and has to find a way out of the situation. The game uses DS2 Engine, which was created by Digital Spray Studios. The game was developed by Mandel ArtPlains.

The game contains unused beta weapons (Maxim chaingun, grenades, unfinished flamethrower), features (ability to run, ability to pick up things and throw them at enemies, health regeneration), skies, scenes (uncut Kolhoz intro, scene where the player wakes up on a bed), NPC (bumper, pig, exploding pig, butcher, sniper, statue of woman with an oar which came to life), unused part of the Kolhoz level. Also, at one point what’s reflected in the water is different from what’s on the shore, so the reflection may be a glimpse into the earlier version of the level.

The unused beta NPC can be accessed by editing the entities on the levels (.ds2edf files), the quickest way is to change the classname of existing NPC. Unused skies can be seen by replacing used ones, weapons can be taken with “give” console command, features can be accessed through console commands or editing game scripts. Thankfully, the game’s files contain all data from the early uncut version of the Kolhoz level intro, so it’s possible to restore and watch it.

Below you can find videos which demonstrate the unused content. If you want to find out more, check the video descriptions (click the YouTube logo when the video is playing) for thorough information, including the process of getting it to work in the game.